True Love Valentines Edition



  • Superior High Quality Rich Roses
  • 12 Roses A dozen roses symbolises infinite


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A bouquet of 12 red roses is a classic and timeless gift that is sure to impress the recipient. The deep red colour of the roses symbolizes love, passion, and devotion, making it a popular choice for romantic gestures or to express strong feelings of affection.
When selecting 12 red roses, it’s important to choose high-quality blooms that are fresh and in good condition. The roses should have sturdy stems, vibrant petals, and a sweet fragrance.
To arrange the roses, you can choose to have them wrapped in a simple, elegant bouquet or arrange them in a vase. A popular option is to arrange the roses in a tight cluster with the stems wrapped in greenery or ribbon. This creates a classic and elegant look that highlights the beauty of the roses.
A bouquet of 12 red roses is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or to express love and appreciation on any occasion. It is a simple yet powerful gesture that is sure to make the recipient feel special and loved

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12 Roses


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